It’s with mixed emotions that we wish Matthew Massari farewell.  Matt is joining our client Nike’s legal department in Portland, Oregon.    A recent story by Bob Shallit tells the story well.

Sacramento attorney Matt Massari has just nabbed his "dream job" – with Nike Inc. in Beaverton, Ore. A former football All-American at UC Davis, Massari went to the University of Oregon for law school and did an internship there with Nike. The company’s campus was "magical," he says. The focus on sports is right up his alley.

He continued doing some outside legal work for Nike in associate stints at Downey Brand and Weintraub Genshlea Chediak Tobin & Tobin. Recently he got a call from Nike, asking him to join the company’s two-dozen-member in-house legal team.

Massari is getting good wishes from Scott Hervey, the Weintraub attorney who supervised him here. But Hervey jokes that he’s a little tired of having top talent lured away. Another associate ended up with a studio job with Paramount.  "If you want a real cool in-house job with a great company," Hervey says ruefully, "come work for me."