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Our Intellectual Property Practice

The business world has dramatically changed in the last decade.
Intellectual property now comprises an ever-growing share of a
company’s assets. Businesses must protect that value in order to
survive in this competitive era. We help our clients protect their
bottom line
by protecting their intangible assets.

We have expertise in a variety of intellectual property areas,

  • patent
  • trademark
  • copyright
  • trade secrets
  • rights of publicity
  • antitrust
  • unfair competition
  • First Amendment

We provide business counseling services, registration of intellectual
property (including patent prosecution), and litigation services. Our
clients are individuals and businesses in computer technology,
biotechnology, entertainment (music, motion pictures, and
television), and other industries.

We regularly assist clients with a wide variety of transactional
matters involving:

  • intellectual property
  • including licensing and development agreements
  • distribution and strategic partnering arrangements
  • VAR and OEM agreements
  • technology transfer
  • export matters
  • other rights in technical data
  • Web site content acquisition arrangements
  • Web site development and services
  • e-commerce applications

Our registered patent attorneys are experienced in all aspects of
patent law and are knowledgeable in the following technical arts:

  • biochemistry
  • molecular biology
  • microbiology
  • genetics and genomics
  • immunology
  • general chemistry
  • pharmaceuticals
  • medical devices
  • business methods
  • software
  • general mechanical

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation under
federal law (patent infringement, Lanham Act, Sherman Act,
Robinson-Patman Act, etc.) and state law (Cartwright Act, Unfair
Practices Act, Unfair Competition Act, False Advertising Act, interference with contract, trade libel, and defamation, etc.