The FTC just issued a final rule banning post-employment non-compete clauses, and it’s shaking things up, especially in the non-scripted TV world. How will this impact talent deals? Join Weintraub attorneys Scott Hervey and Shauna Correia as they discuss what this means for networks and on-air talent on the latest installment of “The Briefing.”

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Did Scarlett Johansson’s voice inspire ‘Sky’?  Scott Hervey and Jamie Lincenberg of Weintraub Tobin unpack the controversy between Scarlett Johansson and OpenAI’s Chat GPT.  Explore potential legal claims and the intricacies of voice rights in AI on this episode of The Briefing. 

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The recent decision on Hayden vs. 2K Games is a big win for video game publishers.  Dive into the fascinating world of copyright disputes over tattoos in video games. Scott Hervey and Jamie Lincenberg from Weintraub Tobin discuss how this case compares to past decisions and what it means for athletes, celebrities, and the video game industry on the latest episode of “The Briefing”

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Paramount triumphs in the Top Gun Maverick copyright case. Join Scott Hervey and Jamie Lincenberg of Weintraub Tobin on ‘The Briefing’ as they dissect the court’s ruling.

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Unraveling the threads of Fair Use and how recent legal rulings threaten documentary filmmakers.  Join Scott Hervey and Jamie Lincenberg as they dissect the Tenth Circuit’s Impact on filmmaking in this episode of ‘The Briefing.’

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