In this episode of The Briefing by the IP Law Blog, Scott Hervey and Josh Escovedo discuss a dispute between Vans and MSCHF, over MSCHF’s new sneaker line that contains “striking visual similarities” to Vans shoes and packaging.
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In May, skater shoe company, Vans, persuaded a district court judge in NY to halt the pre-sale of a pair of shoes called Wavy Baby, the result of a collaboration of rapper Tyga and MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based design studio that was previously sued by Nike over its Satan Shoe collaboration with NasX. The case is Vans, Inc. v. MSCHF Product Studio, Inc. In Vans’ motion for a TRO, the court determined that Vans would likely prevail on its claims that consumers would be confused between the Wavy Baby sneakers and Vans’ Old Skool sneakers because of their “striking visual similarities” and packaging.
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A design patent protects a new, original, ornamental design for an article of manufacture. 35 USC section 171. “Ornamental” means that the design is purely decorative; the patentability is based on its visual aspects. Those aspects are the shape or configuration of an article (like the shape of a bottle or a vase), the surface ornamentation on the article (like a painting on the bottle or vase), or a combination of both. The design must be a design for a specific article; it cannot exist independently of the article. The must be visible during normal use of the article; it cannot be concealed.
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In this episode of The Briefing by the IP Law BlogScott Hervey and Josh Escovedo discuss a photographer’s copyright infringement action against the Andy Warhol Foundation, over several Warhol paintings that utilize the photographer’s images as source material.
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