Most of us have become familiar with the terms and conditions printed on the back of the ticket that is obtained when parking our cars in public lots. We all are familiar with the caption at the top of the ticket proclaiming “This contract limits our liability, please read it.”  Having parked my car hundreds of times in public parking lots, each time receiving a small ticket informing me of this proclamation, I now scandalously admit that I have never read these terms. Yet, if a dispute were to ensue regarding the terms and conditions of my use of public parking, the dispute would likely center around the terms and conditions that I have carelessly ignored in cavalier fashion. While I’m not suggesting that we review, analyze, revise and negotiate the boilerplate terms thrust upon us in the context of public parking, I mention this frequently overlooked contract relationship to demonstrate that we often may enter into contracts with others, while giving little thought or consideration to the terms we have accepted.Continue Reading This Contract May Cause You Unlimited Liability – Please Read It