As I frequently transparentmention in my articles, trademark law is a much more prevalent part of the average person’s life than they realize. We are surrounded by the trademarks of numerous companies every time that we step outside, or even when we look around our own homes. However, we would not generally expect for trademark law to be inserted into a presidential campaign. At least, not until Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring.

Since Donald Trump has coined the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again,” he has been quite diligent about protecting his brand. Trump’s army of trademark attorneys have been aggressively threatening companies such as Café Press and an anti-Trump interest group with cease and desist letters ordering that they cease using the mark “Make America Great Again.” Although this is a shock to many of us who are not accustomed to seeing trademark law inserted into the political sphere, it should not come as too much of a surprise given Mr. Trump’s involvement. Donald Trump‘s acute understanding of the power of branding has significantly contributed to his net worth that allegedly exceeds $8.7 billion dollars. So his diligent brand protection is hardly out of character.

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