A few years ago, I wrote a column addressing a case in which Pom Wonderful LLC sued Coca Cola Company in connection with the marketing of one of its pomegranate-blueberry juice products.  That case dealt with whether one of Pom Wonderful’s claims were barred by the Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act with regard to labeling issues.

Ever protective of its brand, Pom Wonderful was recently successful before the Ninth Circuit in a trademark infringement case.  Pom Wonderful sued a competing pomegranate beverage maker doing business under the name Pur Beverages for trademark infringement.  After the district court denied Pom Wonderful’s motion for preliminary injunction barring the defendant from selling its competing beverage, Pom Wonderful appealed to the Ninth Circuit.

Pom Wonderful owns numerous trademark registrations that make up its “Pom” brand family.  Pom Wonderful spends significant sums in marketing its products and policing against other companies’ uses that may infringe on its trademarks.   In connection with these efforts, Pom Wonderful discovered that Pur was selling a pomegranate flavored energy drink that it called “Pŏm”.  When Pur refused to change its marking, Pom Wonderful sued it for trademark infringement and moved for an injunction.Continue Reading Protecting Trademarks and the Likelihood of Confusion Factor