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By Audrey A. Millemann             A business’s intellectual property may be its most valuable asset. Whether it is biotechnology, trade names, business methods, or computer software, intellectual property should be protected to the greatest extent possible in order to maximize the value of the business. This article summarizes the types of intellectual property protection that are available.

Clinical Trial Data Publication – And the FACT Act

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By, Pam Bertani & April Gatling Recent controversial media attention regarding the alleged misrepresentation and conveyance of pharmaceutical clinical trial results has spawned action in Congress. Currently pending federal legislation could, if enacted, require publicly accessible, detailed disclosure of clinical trial test results for pharmaceutical and biological products. Such a disclosure requirement will undoubtedly have… Continue Reading

Do’s and Dont’s of Confidentialty Agreements

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Many growing businesses face the problem of having ideas that will give them a leg up on the competition or new products that will revolutionize their industries but lack the financial or intellectual resources to, without the assistance of partners, bring those ideas to fruition or to bring the products to market. Even more established businesses often find it necessary to supplement their own internal resources with ideas and products from other businesses. These are situations in which confidentiality agreements become an important means of intellectual property protection for such businesses.

Trade Secrets: Protection Best Practices

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By R. Todd Wilson All businesses have trade secrets. Stated slightly differently, every business has information that it would rather keep confidential. A trade secret can be any useful information that is not generally known. Trade secrets encompass both technical information such as formulas, designs, tools, manufacturing processes, and computer source code as well as… Continue Reading