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GoldieBlox v. Beastie Boys – “Girls To Bring A Lawsuit”

Posted in Copyright Law, Entertainment Law, Trademark Law

 By: Scott Hervey From all appearances, it would have been a fight worth watching. In one corner was the Beastie Boys, the Brooklyn bread, 80s powerhouse rap group; they aggressively enforce their intellectual property rights and have never allowed their music to be used in advertisements.  (This commitment was so important to the group that in his… Continue Reading

Does an Anti-Plagiarism Service Violate Students’ Copyrights?

Posted in Copyright Law

by Jeff Pietsch In April 2009, the Fourth Circuit upheld a summary judgment granted in favor of an online technology system designed to prevent plagiarism in a copyright infringement action. (A.V. v. iParadigms, L.L.C., (4th Cir. Apr. 16, 2009)). The plaintiffs, four high school students who were required to use the system by their schools, sued iParadigms’… Continue Reading

Not Just For Promotional Use

Posted in Copyright Law

By Scott Hervey  Have you ever been into a used record store (remember those) and picked up a used CD that had the following language either on the CD case or on the CD itself: FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY This CD is the property of the record company and is licensed to the intended recipient… Continue Reading