Graffiti artists Nekst and Bates have filed a lawsuit against Guess and Macy’s for incorporating their tags in various articles of clothing. Scott Hervey and James Kachmar discuss this case in the next installment of “The Briefing.”Continue Reading The Briefing: Tag, You’re Sued: Graffiti Artists Sue Over Use of Their Tags

The holding in the Supreme Court case, Jack Daniels Properties v VIP Products, the case of the infringing Bad Spaniels dog toy, limits the applicability of the Rogers test. A recent case in the Ninth Circuit, Punchbowl Inc v. AJ Press, addressed the interplay between the decision in Jack Daniels and the Rogers test.Continue Reading Ninth Circuit Pulls Back Rogers Test in Light of Jack Daniels Decision

Country singer Andy Stone, A.K.A Vince Vance, has renewed his lawsuit against Mariah Carey, which claims that her holiday hit ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ infringes the copyright of his song with the same name. Scott Hervey and Tara Sattler discuss this case on this episode of The Briefing.Continue Reading The Briefing: Merry Litigation – All I Want for Christmas is a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

The Delaware District Court’s Ruling on cross-motions for summary judgment in the case of Thomson Reuters v. Ross Intelligence Inc will provide guidance for similar AI training/copyright infringement cases and, as a bonus, it provides a bit of clarity (or muddies the waters… depending on your point of view) in the application of a post-Warhol fair use defense.Continue Reading AI Training and Copyright Infringement: Lessons from the Ross Intelligence Case

The creator of a LEGO brick Second Holy Temple product is accusing another LEGO creator of copyright infringement for their interpretation of the same temple. Scott Hervey and Eric Caligiuri discuss this case on this episode of The Briefing.

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